Beyond the Superhero

With Beyond the Superhero, Questco CEO, Jason Randall proposes an end to the Superhero CEO mythology. Disturbed by the increasingly unfair and unrealistic expectations placed upon modern CEOs, Randall’s leadership philosophy dispels the myth that leaders can and should do it all. Once that work is done, Randall unveils a team-centric approach to leadership that not only disburdens the leader, but forges a strong, people-first company culture.

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Jason brings to life many of the best lessons of positive psychology. He not only knows the research, he lives it. The insight and support he offers to you as a new senior executive will accelerate your success, and you’ll have more fun on your journey. Beyond the Superhero is a must-read for leaders.
Michelle Gielan, positive psychology researcher and bestselling author of Broadcasting Happiness
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Jason Randall

Questco CEO | Author | Speaker

As CEO of Questco, Jason Randall helps leaders focus on the ideas and products that inspire them by taking care of the HR concerns that are inherent to the C-suite. His own career was changed forever by PEOs; today, he is shaping the future of this industry.

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Your Work Hard for Your Business. We Work Hard for You.

At Questco, we know no CEO can do it alone. We know the arduous road of entrepreneurship and the sacrifices made along the way for success. As your business grows, serving your team, your customers, suppliers, and stakeholders becomes increasingly complex and unmanageable for a busy leader.

When the HR responsibilities that keep you up at night become too expensive and frustrating, we are here to help. Offering unmatched flexibility and a dedicated team of experts as enthusiastic about the success of your business as you are, Questco can make you look like a superhero while making sure you never had to do it all.

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Each week, Jason Randall has candid conversations with executives from great organizations of all sizes about the human side of leadership…complete with the triumphs, setbacks, and lessons learned that make business life so interesting. For those who are leading a small-to-midsized business: if you’re looking for fresh, honest, and occasionally funny insights about how to build a remarkable company while keeping your sanity, this is the podcast for you.

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